ReallyRoots Hats and Accessories


Yuko Ogawa, a Brooklyn-based hat designer was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. As a young girl, she grew up watching her mom design and create clothes. The experience became the foundation for her work. Another major influence came from taking a trip to Jamaica in 1999. She was deeply inspired by the vibrant people and the colorful culture.  Soon after her trip to Jamaica, Yuko started crocheting and creating hats inspired with a global perspective. Her signature hats are bubbly, fashioned with lively colored yarns; a mix of a variety of materials. Her designs represent a unique and classy style, that work well for men and women.

Yuko launched her own label, “ReallyRoots” in 2002. She then attended a hat design course at Osaka Fashion Design Vocational College in 2004 and FIT(New York) in 2017. This course sharpened and honed her design skills.

“ReallyRoots“ is an urban line of handmade hats. Her collections have been showcased in numerous events, parties and street fairs, both in Japan and in the United States.  Her most significant event to date was a self produced fashion show at the club KANON in Osaka in 2007. The show was called “Perfume: ReallyRoots”. Word spread quickly about ReallyRoots and her designs throughout the fashion industry. Yuko now has a long list of fashionistas waiting in line for her designs. Her collection can now be purchased at


2-10-21-1FL, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku,

Osaka,  550-0015 Japan


Isato Design Works

2F Sannomiya ThanksBldg 2-5-8 Sannomiya-cho,

Chuo-ku Kobe, 650-0021 Japan


KIKU & Co. Hatters

3-5-4 Kitanagase-dori, Chuou-ku,

Kobe City, 650-0012 Japan


 Yuko is deeply thankful and very excited by people like you. She is inspired by the world and through her designs, will continue to spread PEACE and LOVE.